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Car Travel

Traveling by car is a fabulous way to explore the places that you want to visit. Having access to a car enables you to make unexpected turns and take side roads and really “see” what an area is like. Traveling by car can also be a more economical way to travel for groups of people or families. Packing a cooler with snacks and drinks cuts down on expenses allowing you to have more money to use on entertainment.

When traveling by car be sure to give your car a good check over before leaving. Making sure all the fluid levels are full, tires are inflated properly and your spare tire is good ensures a safer trip. No one wants to be stuck somewhere with easily avoidable car trouble. After you make sure that your car is fit for travel there are a couple other items you might consider packing for your own safety. A flashlight, a blanket some aspirin and a gallon of water always come in handy during an emergency.
When traveling from state to state a great idea is to stop at the welcome center at the state line. Not only does this provide everyone a chance to stretch their legs and get some fresh air, they offer several car travel necessities. Welcome centers hand out free maps, local newspapers and special event brochures for the area. Also there is a wealth of advertising slicks for area attractions that you may not see posted on a billboard.

Traveling with children? Make sure you bring a few games along to play in the backseat for the extra long part of the trip. License plate bingo, cow counting and other games can be fun, involve everyone in the car and make the long stretches much easier to deal with.

For extra adventure take the old state highways or routes that detour into the country side. Expressways may be useful to get somewhere fast, but they leave much to be desired in the way of sightseeing. There are many fine towns, attractions and more located off the expressway that you would totally miss if you only travel on the interstates. Be sure to stop at a diner for lunch! The local cuisine is sure to beat fast food any day. You will be sure online games strategie to find many one of a kind shops this way, and it is the only way to travel for people searching for antiques.

Look for local festivals and events. When traveling by car you have the opportunity to visit and acquaint yourself with so many different life styles. The United States is so diverse that each state has culture that is not found anywhere else. The northeast offers a variety of different cultures and styles. Visit the sites where our country was founded or where the witch trials took place. Taste real maple syrup or a Coney dog. Travel to the south and enjoy visiting plantation homes, beautiful beaches or even Spanish cuisine. The mid west offers a variety of flavorful people to meet and places to visit. See the Great Lakes – All five of them, the St. Louis Arch or mine for diamonds in Arkansas. Travel to the southwest and encounter Native American culture, pacific beaches and the Rocky Mountains. Travel to the Pacific Northwest and you will find beauty like no where else in the world. And it all can be done by car.

With some simple planning, a good map or GPS system and the willingness to explore traveling by car can be a memory making experience. Just make sure you bring the camera!